Accounting software

Nowadays a high-quality accounting software is a central prerequisite of professional accounting service. In Five, we use a program called Books, developed by HansaWorld, which has enabled us to deliver trustworthy accounting service in the digital era for over ten years.

Decades of experience

We have used Books accounting software ever since our founding (since 2000), but the program itself has existed since the 90s. Despite its honorable age, Books has kept up with the times being updated with every new digital trend.

Thanks to our long-term experience with the program, our present accounting service can be called ‘smart’ in every sense of the word. Its functions allow us to gather data fast and extract  necessary information without any inconvenience.

Why choose a service based on Books software?

Constant elaboration of Books accounting software features has brought our service many advantages:

  • Always accessible overview of all accounts;
  • Repeating processes can be automatized;
  • Simple and direct billing through the bank, by email or even regular mail;
  • Interfacing with different programs like sales and storage softwares;
  • Interfacing with national registries and the tax board.

It is not only a program for an accountant to perform regular accounting procedures, but a smart tool that can be used for the benefit of your company.

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Benefits of online accounting

Books allows cloud based accounting, which is more than suitable for Estonian digital solutions like e-government and online tax declarations. The system can even be interfaced with online banks and the tax board, which means fewer steps to take in the whole process. However, if you prefer to have everything on paper, billing can even be arranged by regular mail.

Thanks to the flexibility of our accounting software we design our service according to your needs and wishes.

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Why is it important to have capable accounting software?

The Excel sheet era is long over. Nowadays, any company’s success may to some extent depend on the accounting software being in use in the company.

Five accounting company’s services are effective and safe, thanks to our expert program and capable specialists. Safety and effectiveness are being ensured by the following factors:

  • All data is only accessible to the company owner/manager and accountants;
  • The system enables to keep an eye on all information flow and financial results;
  • All reports, salaries, returns, etc. are in one place;
  • All incomes and expenses can be analyzed per unit or employee.

If you feel that our smart accounting service has potential to improve your company’s performance, contact us now!